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As it is said – ‘You are what you eat’.

In fact, everything you eat and drink not only affects how your body functions but alsofruit your health and well-being throughout your life, from infancy to old age. However, with the proliferation of processed, pre-packaged and high calorie fast foods, along with soft drinks loaded with sugar, many have gone away from eating a healthy balanced nutritious diet of real foods. This is evidenced by the ever increasing number of overweight and obese people. This number now stands at two-thirds of the adult population and a third of children here in Scotland.

Much of modern illnesses we see today, and not just digestive disorders, can be directly attributed to our lifestyles, and what we eat and drink. Whether we wish to lose weight, improve health problems we may have, or just maintain good health, there is so much can be done by improving our diet along with taking regular exercise.

With numerous books and articles on this or that diet, for many it is knowing where to start and this is where I can help, by offering practical healthy dietary advice, guidance and support, to help you to a life of good health and well-being.  David Wills Dip N (Inst NH)